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Lawson Training & Consulting can assist you with training needs analysis and program development; design, development or procurement of training courses; course facilitation/delivery, and workplace assessment. Our core capability lies with adult learning and competency-based training.



Benefits of Training

Our education and training services can assist you to develop and to maintain an highly engaged, effective and productive workforce. The employee benefits from an enhanced knowledge and skill set enabling them to be much more productive. It also enhances their promotion prospects. This can engender employee loyalty, and improve morale and motivation. The flow on effect to the business is improved efficiency, productivity and performance. A win-win all round!

Read our Post, The Case for Training for more information.


Training Methodologies

Our training solutions incorporate the following methodologies in order to optimise learning and performance outcomes.

  • Revised Kirkpatrick’s Model (linking learning and business performance)
  • Adult learning principles (6 principles of adult learning)
  • Self Paced Learning (Learning whilst maintaining Work-Life balance)
  • Blended learning (Face-to-Face, Classroom, Workplace, Webinar, On-line, Distance)
  • AGES model (Attention, Generation, Engagement & Spacing)
  • 70:20:10 approach (utilising workplace projects to enhance learning outcomes and capture immediate benefits to the organisation)


Training Courses

We currently offer a range of business management training courses to our clients, using face-to-face, video (Zoom), or distance education methods. Face-to-face training can be delivered at your workplace, or at an off-site location, whatever option best suits your needs. Commencing calendar 2021 (if not before), we will be offering various short courses in modular format. We’ll post more about this exciting venture shortly!

Our  current training course  offering includes:

  • Demystifying Accounting
  • Finance for non-finance managers
  • Managing budgets & cost centres
  • Goal setting & time management
  • Stakeholder engagement & management
  • Effective knowledge & skill transfer
  • Contract Management
  • Time Management
  • Business Planning
  • Business development
  • Developing a successful business case
  • How to develop a high performing team
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Fostering & sustaining innovation
  • Project management
  • Operations Management
  • Fatigue Risk Management

Please contact us by email for a copy of a course outline and to discuss pricing.

Selected courses will progressively be brought ‘on-line’, commencing calendar 2021.

Please note, programs and courses are continually being developed and redeveloped, if a course that you are interested in isn’t shown above, please contact us to ascertain availability.

Customisation and Training

The above courses can be tailored to your specific need or custom programs and courses developed to your specification.

Customisation and tailoring ensures that the knowledge and skill sets imparted to your staff are contemporary ‘best practice’, relevant and applicable to your workplace. Customised and tailored training solutions enhance learning outcomes and are enablers of improved efficiency and cost effectiveness.