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Education & Training

Training your staff can deliver significant benefits to your business. Training can improve efficiency and productivity, through standardisation, reduced error rates, reduced wastage and duplication of effort. Not only that, but training has been shown to have a clear link to employee morale and motivation, customer satisfaction and bottom line performance. Training isn't expensive, it is a very cost effective means of improving organisational capability and performance.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring provide an alternative means to training to developing organisational capability. Coaching is the process of helping people learn and find solutions themselves, whereas mentoring requires an experienced or more knowledgeable person to guide those less experienced or less knowledgeable. Lawson Training & Consulting can provide coaching and mentoring services, and train your staff in coaching and mentoring.

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Management Consulting

Engaging management consultants can assist in bridging organisational capability gaps. If specialist expertise is needed, and there is insufficient time to develop the capability in-house, or it is only needed for a brief period of time, then engaging a consultant may be your best solution. Lawson Training & Consulting provides general business management consulting services and can quickly respond to your current and emerging needs.

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Who is Lawson Training & Consulting?

Consulting XLawson Training & Consulting is a small, boutique Brisbane based business training and management consulting company.

We specialise in providing customised, innovative and practical solutions to all levels of government, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Non Government Organisations (NGOs).


What we do

We are in the business of improving our client’s organisational capability and performance.

We do this through working with our clients to:

  • Develop affordable, achievable and sustainable strategies and plans
  • Maintain alignment between operational activities and corporate strategies, objectives and goals
  • Enhance business decision making using sound feasibility studies and business cases
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes
  • Enhance employee productivity through focussed education and training
  • Cultivate and maintain a healthy organisational culture
  • Improve their operational and financial outcomes

Areas of Expertise

Our core business service areas are adult education and training, coaching and mentoring and general management consulting. Our areas of expertise include:

  • accounting and finance
  • operations management
  • risk management
  • governance & internal controls
  • business development
  • innovation & change
  • strategic and business planning
  • scoping & feasibility studies
  • business cases
  • contract management
  • team building
  • project management.

In consultation with you, our training and business solutions are tailored and customised to your current and emerging needs and focus on building organisational capability that empowers you to achieve your strategic goals and objectives, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, and enhance quality and customer experience.

Key Points of Difference





What are our key points of difference? We believe that we offer a superior service due to our:

  • knowledge, skill and experience, and our ability to effectively transfer knowledge and skills to client staff
  • responsiveness, flexibility, and mobility
  • relational approach to business
  • low overheads that enable us to offer excellent value for money
  • maintaining a focus on strategic alignment and tangible business benefit capture
  • ability to research, develop and apply innovative yet practical, affordable and sustainable solutions
  • commitment to develop the people around us both professionally and personally